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Activités pédagogiques

Europe Day at School (May 9th)

Par LAURE MATAU, publié le lundi 22 mai 2017 22:33 - Mis à jour le vendredi 2 juin 2017 17:14
A few days ago, on May 9th, 2 classes (2 SPVL and 1SPVL) organized activities to celebrate Europe Day and promote foreign languages at school...


All the teachers who were interested in the event could register their students on a schedule and take part to the activities organized by the 2spvl and 1spvl.

Classes could enjoy special activities like a blind test, a culinary test, games (bingo, the hangman...), a cultural quiz, soccer... The spvl worked hard in order to welcome the participants and present the rules of the activities in English , Spanish or German! Even the chef cooked a European meal on that day! An international forum took place in the gymnasium: students had the chance to meet associations and students promoting a life experience abroad (studies, job, volunteering...).

According to the survey made by the spvl, most participants and teachers had a good time! The spvl students are quite enthusiastic about the organization of that event and already have tons of  ideas for Europe Day 2018! The event was also shared on Padlet :